Lost words to: The 8500 likes that didn’t satisfy my ego…

Nearly one year ago, I was assigned a mission. “Make us popular…” The main objective was not to achieve the popularity of a rock star but to be visible like sexy guy next door. When I first heard these words, I told myself that it was impossible to achieve but hard to resist. You must understand that I was foolish enough to take the risk. It was madness to be more specific… Controlled madness with a dose of elegancy and some quality. It was and it is still useful. I learned how not to be afraid of any obstacles. I realised that learning is an unending process. I achieved humility for what I know and what I don’t know.

The first aim was 10,000 likes but it appeared to be unattainable in one year. One year was not enough and I was not enough for this mission. That why I worked for 8500 likes. Midway between being mad and being realist. I worked in order to achieve this goal. I was not sure on the way through this journey but all that was doing could not be causing any harm.

Last month, I got the good news. I did it. I achieved something that I haven’t study for. I achieved something that I was not prepare for. No investment and with only one thing one my mind, “You can do it”… It was not enough. These 8500 likes didn’t make me happy. It didn’t satisfy my ego. No one knew about it and I didn’t want no one to know about it. It was just 8500 likes, a figure like any other figure.

Some told me that it represented my talent. Other congratulated me for the good job. However the main objective was not attain, WE WERE NOT POPULAR… It was my fault because I have worked more to satisfy my ego than to achieve my goal. I succeeded in giving my best for only 8500 likes and that was not the aim. I didn’t do all this to drink tea while hearing, “doing this alone and with no investment is something extraordinary”… I didn’t want biscuits of congratulation. Better drink that cup of tea knowing that there is more to achieve and I am embark on this journey.

Day by day, I chose to do the job… not because of my ego. It was more than my ego, it was learning something… It was not only knowledge but humility. Knowing that once this aim is achieved, there will be applause for the work not the guy…

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