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Life is made up of various ingredients and as chef, we should make great use of them.

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Mansur: It has a Michelin Star!

Papa: I know. I saw it. Twinkle, twinkle. So what?

Many famous recipes have been cooked upon instinct and risk; mixing ingredients with the unknown in order to create new savors. Life is made of those risks and sometimes we rely on our instinct to move on. Papa knew that there was a restaurant at one hundred foot away with a Michelin star but he believed in himself. We may face so much challenge in our lives and we have the choice to either to stand on the safe side or to risk everything to achieve something. Maybe the spicy taste of competition reminds us of the sour taste of defeat but mixing it with some teaspoons of efforts may give way to the sweet taste of victory. In life, we all start as rookie but it is your duty to not finish as one.

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Mahira: You know they hate us. Doesn’t that bother you?

Hassan: No

Revolutionary ideas are like frissons left by a dish onto our tongue. Hassan believed in changing the French gastronomy but there was the clash of cultures. Sometimes it is difficult to fight back the traditional views of society and we tend to face the system trying to put us back in the line. When Hassan changed a 200 year old recipe, he reminded us that the task was not impossible. His receipts managed to bring at the same table two different cultures and he showed us that deep inside we are not quite different. The journey was hard towards the CHANGE but he didn’t give up. So every day, we find a bit of Hassan inside of us but let’s not kill it. We will find people hating us for our beliefs but we should keep in mind that this is society. This same society will hate us at first in order to praise us later.

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Hassan: Madam, I would like to make you an omelet, but I need your help to break the eggs.

Many recipes have been the result of an organized team of cooks. This is my favorite scene in the movie because it reminds me that so much could be achieved together. When the barriers of fear and ignorance are removed and that we accept others’ help in order to progress; we open ourselves to new dimensions of knowledge, opinion and culture. Hassan could have asked anyone for help but he chose Mrs. Mallory so as to show her his skills and his passion. From this scene, we understand that we may be the teacher as well as the student depending upon the circumstances. Thus, we just learn to say “thank you” because these words are the decorations of the cake of life

 How hard is the challenge?

How  easy is to abandon?

       Just remember the words of Papa:

   ‘’Brakes break for a reason”

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